Fees Structure

At Maritz Smith Incorporated, our professional fees are levied both on a basis of prescribed and agreed terms with all our clients. Our fee structure is kept simple, easy to understand and transparent. Our accounting protocol includes the rendering of regular statements of account to avoid burdensome charges and to ensure that fees do not unduly accumulate over time. Most of our commercial clients prefer retainer services for term committed professional services and budgeting.

Fees levied in our legal practice may consist of any one, or combination of the following options:

1.       An hourly tariff or part thereof; or

2.      a Contingency tariff (which is usually expressed as a percentage of any capital amount involved), or

3.      a fixed or specified (agreed) fee for a specified mandate, or

4.      an agreed retainer fee for ongoing legal services requiring consistent involvement on an on-demand basis.

The circumstances, complexity, involvement and degree of research of each matter may dictate the most suitable fee structure or retainer options for your business or yourself.